Assistance With Social & Community Participation

Building connections within your community and establishing social networks contributes to improving our sense of wellbeing, purpose and quality of life. Often making a change to our daily routine can be challenging; with My Support Australia we can provide you with the assistance to take that first step. If you want to try a new activity, create new friendships or add a little more adventure to your day, we have many options.  The choice is yours, and together we can try something new or continue to enjoy the activities you are already participating in.

It’s up to you! So, what is your next social activity? 

  • Attend art or visual arts classes
  • Learn to grow an edible garden
  • Play an instrument or sing in a choir
  • Learn social media skills
  • Join a gym or dance class
  • Learn how to use public transport
  • Go to the footy, the movies or the zoo
  • Join a social group or other community activity
  • Personal development
  • Help others in some way

The options are vast! Enjoy a day or more each week with friends or try a new experience with a small group or one-to-one support. We provide you with support in a safe environment to build your social network and create opportunities to explore your interests.