Self-Managed Home Care Packages

Be the captain. Flexible care, your way.

Do you want to be in control of your package? Self-Managed Home Care Packages empowers
individuals and their families with choice and independence in managing their own care needs.

How is it different to a Managed Home Care Package?

The main differences between self-managed and managed home care packages are:

  • Self-managed packages provide more autonomy and choice. This is an ideal option if you are
    wanting to personally manage your budget and the coordination of your care.
  • Managed packages offer more oversight and support coordinating services from a dedicated
    approved aged care provider.

With a Self-Managed Home Care Package, your are able to access all the same services, from
transport to personal care as you would with a Managed Home Care Package, but with greater

If this sounds like the way to peace of mind for you, register your interest to receive home care
management with My Support Australia coming soon.